Curving Space and Time with a Widelux.

One of the cameras that I feel very fortunate to have, is a Widelux F7. The camera was given to me by my wife’s grandfather, and is a cherished gift.
The Widelux is a very interesting camera, because it has a lens that swings from left to right as it is making an exposure. The film is held in a near semicircular curve inside the camera, and instead of a traditional lens and shutter setup, the lens is mounted inside a moving turret, and the shutter is a narrow vertical slit in the back of the turret. When you press the the shutter button, the slit opens up and the turret sweeps from left to right while the slit “paints” the projected image onto the film. Because the lens moves, and the time it takes for the lens to move, the images can have the feeling that the camera is messing with space and time.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the Widelux.

















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