Wheelchair Camera Mount

A little over a month ago, I posted a photo of myself on PentaxForums.com. The photo was of me in my wheelchair at the Oregon coast, with my Pentax 67 on a tripod in front of me. Another forum member saw the photo and then sent me a private message with a link to a blog post about a wheelchair camera mount that the blog’s author was using. It looked really interesting (but expensive), so I posted the link on facebook, just to share, but really thinking it wasn’t something I could ever afford. Over the next few days, I received a lot of positive feedback and offers to help get the mount for my chair. I then spent some time doing research into whether or not it was something I could even use, and how much it would all cost. After phoning the retailer and talking at length with the customer service rep, we figured out that it would work, and would be helpful for me. With everything I’d need, we figured it would cost about $2000, so my Mom setup a gofundme campaign and posted it on facebook. The response was overwhelming! The support from family, friends, and people I only knew over the internet, was huge and almost instantaneous. Within 6 hours we had met our fundraising goal and more. I was totally blown away. The next day we ordered the mount.

Fast forward a few weeks… the mount arrived, we got it mounted, and on Friday I took it out for a test run.

To everyone who helped make this happen, thank you so so so much!









  1. Jim Grey February 27, 2017

    This is awesome. Is it possible to raise and lower the camera, and snake your viewfinder adapter accordingly? I love your work (follow you on Flickr) for many reasons, one of them being the angle from which you view things.

  2. Swift1 February 27, 2017

    Thank you, Jim.
    The whole rig can slide up and down the main support post, so I can (only with assistance) raise and lower the camera. The viewfinder adapter is fixed at a right angle. Having everything attached to the chair means that I can easily just move the chair to change my composition.

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